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“If, in the business of communication, image is king, the essence of this image, the logo, is the jewel in its crown”.

Paul Rand

Your logo is your identity and the cornerstone of your brand. In an instant it shapes how people perceive your company and has the power to build your business or destroy it. It will bear your name and appear in all of your marketing materials and communications. Once you launch your logo, it is tough to change it without losing your audience’s trust, so make it count. Invest in it by hiring a skilled graphic designer who shares your vision and passion for your brand and will work closely with you to create an awe-inspiring logo that is absolutely right.

Here are three best practices to help you get the most from your relationship with your graphic designer:

  1. Educate your designer on the bigger brand picture

    If you want to get the best logo design, you’ll need to brief your graphic designer on what your business stands for and its unique attributes. Provide your designer with any brand research and a detailed profile of your target consumer, the benefits they are looking for and how they prefer to buy your products. It’s also essential to think about your brand’s personality. Do you want to be seen as lighthearted, or are you the voice of reason? Do you want people to enjoy your company or take your advice? All of these insights will help your designer get a clear picture of how best to communicate your brand.

  2. Find examples of what works and what doesn’t

    In addition to a detailed brand briefing, it is helpful to provide your designer with examples of logos and brand styles that resonate with you. These materials will give your designer a clearer idea of your preferences and what you want to achieve and will influence the choice of colours, fonts and shapes.

  3. Trust your designer

    As a business owner, you have the greatest stake in ensuring your logo design reflects your brand. But only your graphic designer has the expertise and experience to design your logo. Once you hire your designer, give them your trust and respect for their expertise. Empower them to do their best work. AN Design and Communication is here to help you make the right impact with your logo and build your business with the right people. We’re all about making good design accessible to associations and small and medium-sized businesses. Allow us to work with you on your logo design—get in touch with us today!