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Graphic design is about more than making your website visually pleasing. Graphic design uses visuals as a form of communication between your audience and your business. At every stage of the marketing process, graphic design is essential to engage your audience. By informing and delighting them, they will be naturally persuaded by your message to learn more about your business. Facebook posts that are crafted with interesting colours and design evoke interest. Designing a series of emails with compelling and relevant information ensures that your business remains top of mind for your potential and long-time customers. A website that has clear content and attractive visuals builds credibility. As a business owner, you are also in the business of employing graphic design to be successfully visible.

Here are three cheers for graphic design.

  1. First impressions last

    There are a number of ways your business makes a first impression on your potential customer: your website, an online ad, a social media post, or product packaging. Your job is to ensure that your brand is consistent with visuals and messaging wherever your business name and image appears. Each week, review your social media pages and website. Are they being regularly updated with relevant posts, information, and images? Is your brand clearly represented in the design of products and packaging?

    A consistent theme with solid visuals sends out a clear message: “This business is credible and trustworthy, and a natural choice to help me succeed!”

  2. Creativity is key

    In a competitive landscape, a business does well to adopt graphic design. The best way to show your audience what life will be like with your product or service is through images and videos. As a marketing strategy, combine graphic design with relevant content to effectively express an idea, solve a problem, and exude innovation.

  3. Your story matters

    A business brand’s essence is firmly rooted in its story. Graphic design can showcase your story and attract people to your business through visual storytelling. Elements of font choice, colour, and images strengthen your message and build connection with your audience through emotion. Remember: Every successful brand began with a story. What’s the story of your business? How do you share your story effectively?

The crowd is on their feet

The strength of marketing online relies on well-designed and attractive elements of visuals and words to draw attention. Investing in graphic design is the natural next step to ensure the success of your business. With this firm foundation for your outreach and business communications, be prepared for business growth!

AN Design Communications is an Ottawa creative and strategy development firm dedicated to helping businesses flourish. We offer you the wisdom and insight of an incredible creative team equipped with up-to-date practices and technology. You focus on growing your business and we’ll do the rest—reach out to us today!

Photo by Jeroen den Otter on Unsplash