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For advertising to be effective, it needs to get to the essence of something its audience knows to be true.

Bill Bernbach

Branding that is compelling and relevant to your target audience will create an instant and lasting connection built on trust. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Understand your buyer’s behaviour

    Knowing your audience is about more than demographics. Behaviours and attitudes will offer far richer insights than age, sex, occupation, household income, and education. By understanding how buyers choose products and services, their media habits and how they want to be communicated with means that you can reach them most effectively.

  2. Find your unique voice

    How should you speak to your audience for maximum impact? A brand’s voice is not what you say but how you say it; it reveals your personality, playful, corporate, calm, funny or intellectual. Will your brand act as a friend or a mentor to your audience? Once you establish your voice, make sure that you apply it consistently, no matter the channel or medium. It’s what your audience will come to expect.

  3. Create content that gets action

    Now that you understand your target audience and have established your brand’s voice, you can create the type of content that will deliver your message AND motivate your audience to action. If your brand is on the quirky and humorous side, creating memes or using short and snappy sentences will be advantageous. If you have a more serious and authoritative style, your brand can produce informative, long-form content, like white papers and opinion pieces; your audience will appreciate the level of detail.

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